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Le idee migliori non vengono dalla ragione ma da una lucida visionaria follia
Best ideas do not come from reason, but from a lucid visionary madness
Our passion is to take the stress out of the accounting equation allowing owners to focus on their own goals
Taxadvisor Studio Commercialista  is a Tax accounting. Our services range from general bookkeeping development and business growth and strategy. We cater for individual business for meet the needs and budgets.
Our professional experience spanning 28 years in a variety of industries including Building, Beauty, Retail, Medical, Tax Advisory Property Valuations and Technology.
Di Giorgio Rag. Claudio created TAX ADVISOR STUDIO COMMERCIALISTA and Through her diverse and extensive Tax  experience, Claudio has a proven track record of helping small to medium businesses reach their full potential
Claudio prides herself on her ability to guide and educate its customers across all levels of business, so they are confident and capable of achieving their business goals.
With strong leadership experience, Claudio knows how to get the job done. He is loyal, ethical and conducts herself with the utmost integrity. He is passionate about helping businesses grow and is driven to ensure owners aren't fearful of tax accountants.
Our Service

Corporate and commercial law

• company formation
• statutory purposes
• transformations of entities
• investment appraisal
• mergers
• business splitting off
• full corporate services
Full inheritance assistance
Tax advisory services
The combined knowledge of the tax legislation and the wide field of the economic law (commercial-, industrial-, social security-, business law etc.) is fundamental.
Operating across a broad advisory base, some of the main areas covered are:
• tax planning
• law advisory services
• management consultancy services
• financial statements (audited, reviewed or compiled)
• preparation of the balance sheet and other related documents
• preparation of all returns and tax declarations
• solutions for everyones needs, not least your own

Tax planning
We try to understand the precise requirements of our clients so as to provide each with the solution best suited to his particular case. We do not hesitate to advise
against the use of the Italian financial authorities where circumstances so indicate.

We assist our clients when controlled by the tax authorities and provide for the necessary litigation support.

Finance consulting

finance planning
• cash management
• full investigation and back up service
• assistance in bank operations
• government grants
• investment in real estate

Accounting services

• tax representations of non residents individuals or entities in Italy
• financial statements

Mergers & Aquisitions

• aquisition and transfer of business
• full investigation
• project promotion and management
• advice on related matters
• legal assistance
• tax advice

Management consultancy   

Bureau Plattner's management consultancy division consists of a team of our own as well as outside experts in various fields of business and assures:
• a full operative strategy
• an individually tailored concept
• an effective supervision
Management services provided include amongst others the following:
• feasibility studies
• project promotion and management
• market analisis
• strategic controlling
• start-up-strategies
• efficiency- and effectivity programms
• finance analisis
• training of personnel, including training in specialized areas

Di Giorgio Rag. Claudio
Graduate in business management
Certified Auditor and tax advisor
Statutory auditor
Iscritto all'ordine dei dottori commercialisti ed esperti contabili di milano
Iscritto al Registro dei Revisori dei Conti
Iscritto al Registro dei Mediatori Civili
Intermediario Abilitato ai Servizi Telematici entratel Ministero delle Finanze
Intermediario Abilitato ai Servizi Telematici  Pratiche Web Telemaco Registro Imprese C.c.i.a.a.
Intermediario Abilitato ai Servizi Telematici Pratiche  I.n.a.i.l.
Intermediario Abilitato ai Servizi Telematici Pratiche I.n.p.s.

Tax advisor Studio Commercialista
Via Primo Maggio 16
20021 Baranzate (Mi)
+39 02 356 41 41 - +39 3388572749
Ragioniere Commercialista
Iscritto Albo Odcec
dal 23 Marzo 1994
Sezione A al n. 3861

Revisore Legale
Iscritto Registro Revisori
dal 15 ottobre 1999
Sezione al n. 91789

Mediatore Civile
Iscritto Registro
Ministero della Giustizia

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